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Zelazny, Roger - Amber 01 - Nine Princes In Amber (Done). Read more · Roger Zelazny - Amber Chronicles, The 01 - Nine Princes In Amber · Read more. Roger Zelazny - Amber Chronicles, The 01 - Nine Princes In Amber · Read more Zelazny, Roger - The 1st Chronicles of Amber - 01 - Nine Princes In Amber. That bastard dared to insult a Prince of Amber! It was your honor I was thinking about. I can take care of my own honor, I told him, and something cold and.

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Nine Princes In Amber Pdf

Nine Princes in Amber by Roger Zelazny, , Doubleday edition, in English - [ 1st ed.]. Nine Princes in Amber 2. The Guns of Avalon 3. Sign of the Unicorn 4. The Hand of Oberon 5. The Courts of Chaos 6. Trumps of Doom 7. Read Nine Princes in Amber PDF File. Amber: A kingdom beyond imagination - where brother fights brother to succeed to the throne When Corwin awoke in.

Chapter 1 It was starting to end, after what seemed most of eternity to me. I attempted to wriggle my toes, succeeded. I was sprawled there in a hospital bed and my legs were done up in plaster casts, but they were still mine. I squeezed my eyes shut, and opened them, three times. The room grew steady. Where the hell was I? Then the fogs were slowly broken, and some of that which is called memory returned to me.

It had been an accident involving an auto, I recalled. One helluva one Then the door opened, letting in light, and through slits beneath my eyelashes I saw a nurse with a hypo in her hand. She approached my bedside, a hippy broad with dark hair and big arms. Just as she neared, I sat up.

But in the meantime, I will not permit it. So I lay there and mulled. It seemed I was in some sort of private place—so somebody was footing the bill. Whom did I know? No visions of relatives appeared behind my eyes. Friends either. What did that leave? I thought a while. Nobody to benefact me thus. And that was all I remembered. I strained and began to sweat again. But to occupy myself, I sat up and stripped away all my bandages.

Nine princes in Amber

I seemed all right un- derneath them, and it seemed the right thing to do. I had a sudden feeling that I had to get out in a hurry, that there was something I had to do. I can find, somewhere, off in Shadow, anything I can visualize.

Any of us can. This, in good faith, does not transcend the limits of the ego. It may be argued, and in fact has, by most of us, that we create the shadows we visit out of the stuff of our own psyches, that we alone truly exist, that the shadows we traverse are but projections of our own desires Whatever the merits of this argument, and there are several, it does go far toward explaining much of the family's attitude toward people, places, and things outside of Amber. Namely, we are toymakers and they, our playthings—sometimes dangerously animated, to be sure; but this, too, is part of the game.

We are impresarios by temperament, and we treat one another accordingly. While solipsism does tend to leave one slightly embarrassed on questions of etiology , one can easily avoid the embarrassment by refusing to admit the validity of the questions.

Most of us are, as I have often observed, almost entirely pragmatic in the conduct of our affairs.

Yet—yet there is a disturbing element in the picture. There is a place where the shadows go mad When you purposely push yourself through layer after layer of Shadow, surrendering—again, purposely—a piece of your understanding every step of the way, you come at last to a mad place beyond which you cannot go.

Why do this? In hope of an insight, I'd say, or a new game But when you come to this place, as we all have, you realize that you have reached the limit of Shadow or the end of yourself—synonymous terms, as we had always thought. Now, though Now I know that it is not so, now as I stand, waiting, without the Courts of Chaos, telling you what it was like, I know that it is not so.

Corwin, Chapter 10 pp. My flight from Chaos to this small sudden island in the sea of night? My meditations upon the abyss? The revelation of the Pattern in a jewel hung round the neck of a unicorn?

My transcription of the design by lightning, blood, and lyre while our fathers raged baffled, too late come to call me back while the poem of fire ran that first route in my brain, infecting me with the will to form? Too late! Too late It was your perceptiveness rather than the conclusion itself which stunned me so. The fact that I had slain his slayer was hardly satisfactory evidence of my innocence , in that the guy was necessarily in no condition to talk about it. Chapter 2 p. Therefore, it was friendship alone that bound us, a stronger thing than bygone debts and points of honor: in other words, a thing which gave him the right to bug me on matters such as this, where I might have told even Random to go to hell once I had made up my mind.

I realized I should not be irritated when everything that he said was tendered in good faith. Maybe even a trifle wiser. Wise enough to realize there are many more things we still need to know. How are things in the nether world? Nothing much else astir. I work on those parts down here. Chapter 4, p.

Have you any preferences? My transcription of the design by lightning , blood , and lyre while our fathers raged baffled, too late come to call me back while the poem of fire ran that first route in my brain, infecting me with the will to form? Possessed of the abominations born of the disease, beyond their aid, their power, I planned and built, captive of my new self.

Is that the tale you'd hear again?

Zelazny, Roger - Amber 01 - Nine Princes In Amber - PDF Free Download

Or rather I tell you of its cure? I could not tell whether he spoke literally or metaphorically or was simply sharing paranoid delusions , but the things that I wanted to hear, had to hear, were things closer to the moment. So, regarding the shadowy image of myself from which that ancient voice emerged, "Tell me of its cure," I said. Chapter 5 pp. A beautiful closed system, it seemed, its weakness totally shielded by its strength.

Roger Zelazny - Nine Princes in Amber

My blood, with which I drew it, could deface it. But it took me ages to realize that the blood of my blood could also do this thing. I had to sort out the possibilities though, to have something to reach for when more facts did turn up. Chapter 9 p.

You surprised me, moving so fast. So I did. Chapter 13 p. Acts and their consequences are the things by which our fellows judge us. Anything else, and all that you get is a cheap feeling of moral superiority by thinking how you would have done something nicer if it had been you.

Such is the stuff. I looked back once to the empty place where my dream had come true. Total stasis or complete chaos would be the result. It tells you enough to get interested, but never enough to be of any immediate use. It is as though the author gets his kicks by tantalizing. I was both angry and in a hurry, so the decision was made. Or are they there, independent of us, awaiting our footfalls?

Or is there an unfairly excluded middle? Is it a matter of more or less, rather than either-or? A dry chuckle arose suddenly as I realized that I might never know the answer for certain.

And, as the Pattern in Rebma had helped to restore my faded memories, so this one I was now striving to create stirred and elicited the smell of the chestnut trees, of the wagonloads of vegetables moving through the dawn toward the Halles I was not in love with anyone in particular at the time, though there were many girls—Yvettes and Mimis and Simones, their faces merge—and it was spring in Paris, with Gipsy bands and cocktails at Louis' I remembered, and my heart leaped with a kind of Proustian joy while Time tolled about me like a bell And perhaps this was the reason for the recollection, for this joy seemed transmitted to my movements, informed my perceptions, empowered my will Chapter 10 p.

Chapter 11 p. Nothing drove me now.

Nine Princes in Amber Vol 1

I had run out of causes and was as close as I might ever be to peace. With all this behind me, I felt that if I had to die now, it was all right. I would not protest quite so loudly as I would have at any other time. It diminishes me to reflect so. Be dead and trouble my thinking no more. Chapter 14 p. But it was April 30, and of course it would happen as it always did. I guess that I wanted magic, and there is no real magic in the world. You know that. I traveled for perhaps half an hour then, leaving the place far behind me, before I halted and took my breakfast in a hot, bleak valley smelling faintly of sulfur.

As I was finishing, I heard a crashing noise. A horned and tusked purple thing went racing along the ridge to my right pursued by a hairless orange-skinned creature with long claws and a forked tail.

Both were wailing in different keys. I nodded. It was just one damned thing after another. Airy nothings and classified motives Which could well mean she was telling the truth. Knight of Shadows Prince of Chaos. Not all editions listed on this page are for the same book, for example the and editions are limited volumes.

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