A Dish Served Cold Andrew Ashling A Dish Served Cold Andrew Ashling This book is a work of fiction. The names, chara. Best Served Cold - [Free] Best Served Cold [PDF] [EPUB] Revenge is a form of justice enacted in the absence or defiance of the norms of. Get Free Read & Download Files Joe Abercrombie Best Served Cold PDF JOE ABERCROMBIE BEST SERVED COLD - In this site isn`t the same as a.

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    PDF | On Jan 1, , Daniel Escandell Montiel and others published Best Served Cold: Studies on Revenge. Around a week or two ago I had the imponderable pleasure of meeting Joe Abercrombie at. Fantasy-Faction's Grim Gathering. I was reading Best Served Cold at. download or read book online in pdf or epub. Best Served Cold (First Law World, #4) is one of best books released on containing pages, this book.

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    Ettin love. If your group more "kill now, questions later" See more don't be ashamed to keep the blood riders at full force. Very short storyline for a t2 season tho : Charles F June 03, pm UTC I've run this twice, and both times the players have gone down very different routes: one sneaking in and sneaking out, the other walking straight in and making a huge challenge.

    It's a pretty fun module, but definitely not the best of them. I think the best thing about it is the way you can drop it in to SKT if your players are in the north — there's lot of opportunity to bring the characters in and gives stakes they can manage.

    As a stand alone, though, it's better than average but not a must play. As a player I enjoyed it because it won't necessarily be the same thing twice if I play it again with different characters. PCs are given a deadline to successfully return - or risk the sparking of a war.

    A confusing jumble of clues is present at the site of the giant Burleigh's abduction and another locale. You have to play detective to decipher what transpired and who may be involved. Failure to do so could mean you make poor decisions in the future. Once the Blood Rider encampment is discovered, characters must decide how they want to proceed into the camp for a rescue mission. Depending on player choices, this encounter can produce many possible conclusions. The mechanics shaping how the encounter plays out are sound.

    Creativity may be rewarded. I really enjoyed the various story awards that characters could accrue based on their decisions and the adventure's results. There is no question the awards might aid or complicate future adventures See more in Hartsvale.

    I would advise DMs who run this adventure to over-prepare themselves for potential combat. The mechanics of a final combat can be tricky and feel one-sided, since the NPCs receive potential advantages if fought.

    I doubt I have the words to explain how good the second half of this book was. Not to say the first half was bad, I mean the prologue was simply amazing. The tempo was like a ball rolling, slowly at first, then gathering momentum the farther it goes. With tension packed moments, bloody and gritty action and exceptional world building. How many tim I'll be honest at the start, I felt this one was going to be straight forward. How many times did I cheer for joy? How many times did i give an involuntary chuckle?

    How many times did I think 'hey, that was badass'? How many times did I marvel at the word play? With Joe Abercrombie I always expect good characters, this was no different. There wasn't a character's POV I hated. I find I cant even pick a favorite: Cosca, Morveer and Friendly all fighting for that spot.

    I loved Shivers and Monza as well. And many other well written minor characters. Also, I almost forgot how good at writing battles Joe is. The battles here were amazing, I felt right there in the midst of it. How do I feel about this book? I feel this is a masterwork.

    I feel they don't call him 'Lord Grimdark' for nothing. I feel, so far, this is Joe Abercrombie at his best. View all 6 comments. Jul 25, Michael rated it it was ok Shelves: Filter the retro feel and the Tarantino dialogue from "Kill Bill Volume 1. Fry for pages, dropping in one new badguy every By the end of the process, it should look something like "The Unforgiven". It won't taste nearly as good, though. I'm surprised about all the glowing reviews this book has gotten considering how little new ground t Filter the retro feel and the Tarantino dialogue from "Kill Bill Volume 1.

    I'm surprised about all the glowing reviews this book has gotten considering how little new ground this one breaks. Abercrombie, as always, goes against some of our genre stereotypes, but. Here's the plot: Monza Murcatto is a heartless badass who leads a group of mercenaries called the Thousand Swords, and her brother is her advisor and right hand man. She's recently worked for a man who wants to conquer a bunch of countries, and when she meets him in his castle, he has both of them stabbed and thrown over the balcony, where they fall far, far down, and land in a forest.

    Monza survives, and begins her quest to kill all seven of the guys who were in the room when she was betrayed and her brother killed. Think "The Crow. So, Abercrombie's first mistake was making it seven badguys. Four, or maybe five, were necessary to make his story work, because character and plot development happens during that many episodes.

    Did I mention they feel like episodes? They do. Throughout the book, we increasingly learn that this apparently straight-up revenge story has some darker, murkier undertones, and even what we thought we knew about the larger conflict is vastly skewed because of whose vantage point we're seeing these events from.

    I like this approach to fantasy, but unless you're new to Abercrombie, it's not much of a surprise. Why three stars? Well, I enjoyed this book, despite its flaws. This is probably one of those I-love-you-so-I'm-hard-on-you kinda things, because I couldn't believe Abercrombie had the balls to end his First Law Trilogy the way he did.

    It was fucking awesome.

    Best Served Cold

    But Abercrombie pulls most of the same tricks here, and we end up with no greater understanding of the genre, or of Abercrombie's take on heroes, than we had at the end of the First Law Trilogy. For many fantasy readers, this is exactly what they're looking for; but the sameness of most fantasy bores the shit out of me. Abercrombie has a new and unusual take on the fantasy genre, and turns the common tropes of fantasy on their head in certain ways.

    Unless he finds new ways to do this, though, he's going to create his own standard fantasy formula that can be repeated by nine thousand hack authors who will make it just another kind of stereotypical fantasy: Shit, there I go again. I give up. I'm going to write an Ann Coulter review.

    View all 10 comments. Abercrombie and his dark fantasy revenge story. Revenge, was served cold of course by a rough-tough heroine already one of my BBHF — Best Book Heroines Forever with cold steel and a gripping story for dessert. Monza Murcatto was everything I like about heroines. I adored the painting of her, created skillfully by Mr.

    Those almost pages of violence, adventure, wit and grittiness kept me hooked and interested all the reading time. Also I liked other charming characters in this book.

    They were so unpredictable and well written. From the poisonous childish, in some way, peacock counting maniac with cleavers bloody optimistic Northman, who tries to be a better man to brave drunkard general and others.

    So unique, interesting and dangerous, they have their own endearing personalities and emotions. I was really happy to meet the characters I got to know from the first three books.

    Betrayal and intrigue led the story just enlarging the number of various deaths, making everything to grow ever more difficult and gritty. But the witty dialogues and remarks with cynical humor and good taste made this story likable, enjoying and interesting to me. I was amused how Mr. A really wild ride with Mr. View all 8 comments. Jul 06, Felicia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Well, one of my favorite authors does not disappoint, I totally love this guy! So much violence, grit and I really enjoyed the characters, new worlds and especially liked the glimpses of seconday characters from the other Trilogy popping up in interesting more fleshed out roles.

    Definitely a great download, boy readers rejoice, there's lots of blood and guts flying around! They say cream rises to the top and I must say Abercrombie has risen to the top of my list of "must read" authors.

    And Steven Pacey has risen to the top to join my favourite audio narrators. If you are into audio books and have Abercrombie on your "to read" list, then treat yourself to the audio version. The narration really added that extra punch to an already hard hitting story. Having said that, there is plenty on offer for those who have read The First Law Trilogy, with references to events and characters from the prior books that go a long way to adding to the background depth and context of the story.

    The major characters are well thought out and well written. Among my favourites is a flambuoyant mercenary, a self righteous poisoner, and an obsessive compulsive ex- con with a fixation on numbers. The main characters develop, they change, but not necessarily for the better, which is what makes them so accessible and believable. The book is set in Styria instead of The Union and follows chronologically immediately after the events of Last Argument of Kings.

    The story is fast paced. A lot of violence, even more so than First Law.

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    And I think overall this is a darker and bloodier story than the previous books. The humour is black as ever which Abercrombie weaves in skilfully to provide comic relief without being corny and without undermining the dark undertones of the book. The ending was good, which is to say believable rather than happy.

    More messy than fairy tale. This is a story of vengeance, its moral ambiguity, and its unintended consequences. When revenge becomes an obsession, it can bring the whole world down in blood. Jul 18, Peter rated it it was amazing. Joe Abercrombie is my new nemesis. His books are too damn good.

    View all 9 comments. This is Good Stuff! It's unusual for a woman to be a mercenary, let alone a military leader - and she's achieved her place by being twice as ruthless and tough as the hard-bitten men around her. However, tough as she may be, she's not invulnerable.

    A shattering betrayal has ended with her dearly beloved brother dead, and her own body broken and damaged. Clawing her way back from the brink of death, Monza has only one thing on her mind - as the title of the book hints: There were seven men present in the room where her brother was killed and she was discarded and presumed dead. Now, her driving force is the desire to kill every one of those men. And she'll stop at nothing to achieve her goal.

    A lot has been made of how 'dark' and 'gritty' Abercrombie's writing is. In a way, I see where that's coming from It's more like Abercrombie has taken all the tropes of a certain type of fantasy, used the expected stock characters complete with humorous sidekick - and written the uncensored kind of story that was always happening in my head whenever I read anything in this genre. Vicious people aren't secretly lovable and nice; there are no 'hearts of gold. It's actually pretty funny; full of witty one-liners and irony.

    Although the book is quite long nearly pages , it moves along at a quick, compelling pace. Although the plot follows a typical 'quest' format, Abercrombie does an excellent job injecting new life into it, gradually revealing new layers and depth to his characters - both regarding their pasts and motivations and letting them grow in response to their experiences. Highly recommended. Fantasy fans who can stomach grisly, painful, brutal suffering that will spare no one.

    Monza is a skilled and merciless killer. She acts as a general in the Duke's army, alongside her little brother, Benna. Monza's brother is the only person she has in this world. The only person she loves. The only person she trusts. Duke Orso, the man she's working for, decides to betray her and her brother. Killing them in cold blood while his sons and advisors watch. They stab her and beat her and throw her off the roof. She's left for dead. As Jet Li would say, "That Seven men in the room And she's determined to bring each man to his grave, one by one by one.

    Of course she needs a crack team to help her accomplish this.

    A Dish Best Served Cold & Other Stories

    Shivers, rugged Northman barbarian who knows his way around weapons and is seeking to become a better man. Morveer, Master Poisoner with a high opinion of himself and an impeccable kill record. His beautiful and innocent-looking assistant, Day, who eats non-stop and is a quick learner. Nicomo Cosca, mercenary for hire, Monza's ex-friend and enemy who has a soft spot in his heart for her. Vitari, the redheaded torturer, and mother of three. Friendly, an ex-convict, murderer, and mathematician.

    His love of numbers reminds me a lot of Fezzik's love of rhyming from the Princess Bride. He pulls out all the stops and keeps both the plot and the violence coming at full-force throughout the entire page novel.

    No small feat. His writing, pacing, characters, and dialogue are excellent and beyond compare. Why, then, am I not giving this book a five-star rating? Simply because Abercrombie has created a hopeless, brutal, ravaged world full of despair.

    Even though he writes excellent characters and plot, I know everyone will suffer and die - or wish they were dead - by the end of the novel. I learned my lesson from the First Law Trilogy. Abercrombie offers no mercy or relief, he is unrelenting and unprejudiced in the brutal betrayals and murders that everyone in the book commits.

    Reading about a world in which everyone is a bad person, no one can trust anyone ever, people betray each other and kill each other for any reason at all - this makes me upset. Even though I know that the world isn't a good place and that there are evil people in it, I refuse to believe in Abercrombie's view of reality - that 'life sucks and then you die. Even simple, basic pleasures you think would HAVE to exist tasty food, good sex, smelling a flower, a child playing with a puppy, etc.

    The food is sour, the sex is brutal and painful, the flowers are poisonous, and the puppy will be slaughtered in front of the child's eyes by a merciless father. Therein lies my dilemma. Dec 15, Kells Next Read rated it it was amazing Shelves: One man's villain is another hero; after all It goes without saying that this read was Epic.

    It's Abercrombie people. He can do no wrong. Aug 21, Gaby rated it liked it. Reading Abercrombie simply leaves me emotionally drained. I very masochistically put myself through the experience because afterwards, once I've let myself cool down, I realize it was worth it. Still, these books are not for everyone.

    It's not just that they're violent, gory, unpredictable, and full of frustratingly flawed characters- it's that they leave you off or at least me with a strong sense of despondency and existentialism, and those are already highly developed personal traits which hardly need any encouragement. Abercrombie's wonderful sense of humour, which might be one of the best I've come across with, and the sharp and witty dialogue balances this out, but only a bit. While the war is much more meaningful and interesting if you've read the First Law trilogy, as you understand the references, the novel works as a stand-alone book.

    In it, Abercrombie continues to deconstruct all the idealistic naive notions I had and didn't know I had, on heroes, war, motivating battle speeches, relationships, revenge, and the concept of closure.

    Even though I would never presume to call myself an optimist, after reading Abercrombie I feel like I had been looking at the world through the eyes of a 6 year old pretty pink princess.

    Despite all this, and despite some criticism towards the pacing of the book the author comes up with varied and creative ways to kill people, but all the killing and fighting gets a bit repetitive and drags on after a while , I would still recommend it- albeit to a select few people.

    Mar 23, Justin rated it it was amazing Shelves: Joe Abercrombie is a master of his trade, and his trade is dark fantasy. He is becoming the standard bearer for gritty realistic fantasy, and Best Served Cold might well be the masterpiece that represents that sub-genre.

    Monza Murcatto is a renowned and very successful mercenary, or was…till she was stabbed, beaten and thrown from a mountain side by her employer. Best Served Cold tells the tale of Monza and her quest for revenge. Monza contracts a party of unsavory characters to aid her in her r Joe Abercrombie is a master of his trade, and his trade is dark fantasy.

    Monza contracts a party of unsavory characters to aid her in her revenge quest. Everyone suffers, lots of people die, the trail of blood and tragedy that Monza leaves in her wake is unprecedented.

    Abercrombie takes what appears to be a simple tale of revenge and twists it into a sanguine journey of self discovery on the part of each character. It really is an amazing work. Reading his work is always bitter sweet for me. All the wonderful writing comes with a price for the reader.

    Before reading Abercrombie I was blissfully unaware of how truly brutal and tragic fantasy as a medium can be.

    Sure there is George R. Martin and his love of killing off main characters, but these books are different. With Abercrombie he makes it a point to bring you there. I know the person that was on page is now someone else on page , and it makes me sad.

    I will most certainly continue to read them, they are just too incredible not to. I will be sure to keep something exceedingly happy to read right afterwards. Read this book if you are ready to have your thoughts on fantasy challenged. Do not read this book if you like your fantasy to be a pleasant escape from the harsh realities of life.

    View all 4 comments. Monca skuplja ekipu ubica i tako krecemo sa osvetom. One by one, till the end. Osveta je bila cudno iskustvo za mene. Sa jedne strane imamo starog Aberkrombija, sto ce reci krvave bitke, odlicno napisani likovi, lako citanje. Aberkrombi je izgleda ovde resio da malo "ispegla olovku" i da sve to ne izgleda sirovo kao u Prvom zakonu. A meni se taj sirov brutalni stil bas svideo.

    Cesto je znao da gubi vreme na opise svega i svacega, da ubaci klise ili glupavu konverzaciju tu i tamo, kao da je odlucio da ne bi bilo lose da udovolji siroj publici. Sa druge strane, likovi su i dalje na visokom nivou.

    Monca Monza Murcatto je surova, odvratna, seksi, duhovita, voljena, omrznuta, posle Glokte mozda Aberkrombijev najkompleksniji lik. Meni sigurno najbolji. Srdacni Friendly je opasni ubica opsednut brojanjem i najzasluzniji za humor u knjizi. Crni humor, naravno.

    Kol Caul Shivers je lik koji nam dolazi iz Prvog zakona Logen Devetoprsti mu je ubio brata u trilogiji i on je presao dug put odatle da bi do kraja ove knjige postao neko sasvim drugaciji. Odlicna karakterizacija. Za svakog ponaosob. Fantastike ovde nema, ali zato krvi ima na sve strane.

    I mnogo trovanja. Surovo i brutalno, od pocetka do kraja. Osveta je sasvim blizu Prvom zakonu i da Joe nije malo omeksao ruku i ovo bi bila petica. Ili, da je skratio knjigu za stranica. U svakom slucaju, preporuka. A soldier without discipline is no better than a corpse. Worse, in fact. A corpse is no threat to his comrades. Good for you. That's the hardest war of all to win. Didn't say I won. Just stopped fighting. Aug 30, J. Trust me listen to the audiobook and appreciate the sweet, dark, sordid insights of this crews banter plus how great the narrator did the characters.

    Mercenary Cosca turned out to be my favorite character towards the end of the book. Shiver well he went to Steryia to be a good man, well, he found it at the end lol. All in all this story had everything I wanted in a book, no romance or a love triangle. Aug 05, Stephen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another unbelievably good book by Joe Abercrombie. If you liked the First Law Series, you will like this.

    In addition to creating a superb story with a tight plot and, as always with his books, unforgettable characters, Abercrombie advances in subtle but very interesting ways the larger story arc of the "great battle" addressed in the First Law series.

    View all 5 comments. Jul 25, Christopher Buehlman rated it it was amazing. This is the fourth novel set in Joe Abercrombie's First Law world, but it isn't tied so closely to the preceding trilogy that one can't enjoy it as a stand-alone. Honestly, as good as that trilogy was, Best Served Cold eclipses it.

    When I was a teenager I read about Italian mercenaries in the late Middle Ages and how they fought or pretended to fight for the gold of families like the Sforza, the Medici, the Malatesta. The mercenaries themselves were a colorful, faithless lot, with names like Gattamelata honey-cat , Castricani dog-castrator and other evocative monikers. I always meant to write about them one day, and still might do, but Mr.

    Abercrombie has beaten me to it with this deliciously dark, wonderfully funny fantasy masterpiece. Styria in the Years of Blood is not unlike Italy circa ; a land without a king, a land where powerful city-states vie for prominence. Echoes of Florence, Milan, Venice and Rome aren't hard to find in the fascinating cities of Talins, Visserine and Sipani; but Abercrombie has done far more than shuffle and rename—his world is not a clone of ours; merely a cousin with shared cheekbones, a similar smile, and, regrettably, exactly the same appetites.

    Of course, world-building without story is as dead as faith without acts, and this book lives. Monza Murcatto is a mercenary commander, a woman of great martial skill and frightful determination, more loyal than most of her greedy, fickle colleagues. She's not a woman you want to find yourself across a battlefield from, and she's the last person you'd want to betray and leave for dead. When mighty Duke Orso of Talins does exactly that, he sets in motion a revenge story that takes the reader on a Lonely Planet: Styria adventure with an obsessive-compulsive murderer, a bitter northern warrior, a single mother assassin, an insufferably superior poisoner and the most charmingly duplicitous mercenary commander in the annals of fantasy.

    Honestly, except for a supernatural djinn-like "Eater" or two, this hardly reads like fantasy. You will find a refreshing dearth of dragons in Best Served Cold, but a great abundance of economically drawn character, twisty but rock-solid plot structure, beautifully quotable prose, bloody but plausible action sequences, needle-sharp gallows humor, and that rare, unnameable "it" factor that distinguishes great stories from merely good ones.

    You'll know what I'm talking about when you read it. Just fucking read it. Apr 02, Bill Door rated it it was amazing. I am thoroughly and hopelessly addicted to this world. Shivers was great, and even though I went backwards I really enjoyed this book. Jan 08, Apatt rated it really liked it.

    (PDF) Best Served Cold: Studies on Revenge | Daniel Escandell-Montiel - baspogophoba.tk

    It has been over a year since I last read a book by Joe Abercrombie, there are just so many books to get through. His writing style is always immensely readable, witticisms abound on every page, very visual scenes of combat and of course vivid, complex and believable characters.

    Best Served Cold is set in the same universe as the excellent First Law tri It has been over a year since I last read a book by Joe Abercrombie, there are just so many books to get through. Best Served Cold is set in the same universe as the excellent First Law trilogy but this is a standalone volume, you don't need to be familiar with his previous books to read it.

    So begins her monomaniacal quest for avenge the death of her brother by putting an end to the lives of the seven individuals involved, and anyone else unwise enough to get in her way. As with the other Abercrombie novels that I have read there are plenty of villains but no outright heroes.

    One poor fellow starts off wanting to be a good man and end up being a crazed killer after going through an extremely traumatic experience. As usual the dialogue is always sparkling, my only reservation here is that most of the characters seem to have the same penchant for sarcasm and several of them seem to have the same manner of speaking.

    Revenge is not so much a dish best served cold as a dish best discarded, unserved. The avenger is seldom happier after the revenge is successfully completed. There are often moral quandaries for the characters and the readers to ponder.

    However, there is a subtle vein of optimism which only becomes discernable once you have finished the entire book. The fantasy element is rather low profile especially compared to The First Law trilogy. This helps to heighten the human drama and the realism of the violence which is quite unrelenting. If I have once complaint about this aspect of the book it is that there is so much of it that I became desensitized to it after while.

    In any case Joe Abercrombie has yet to disappoint me, I wonder if he ever will. May 19, Mike Everest Evans rated it it was amazing Shelves: Clinging to life by her fingernails, Monza sets out with her own demand.

    A demand for revenge. Abercrombie, as ever, has a mastery of cinematic writing. Though the pace of the plot slips at points, I found that the characters carried the story of their own accord. At first because the book beat the living day lights out of me with its relentless bloody-mindedness, and two because I spent both daylight and night reading it I was that hooked.

    A stand alone novel set in the same world as his First Law Trilogy, Mr Abercrombie gives us another masterpiece to read. So end is very much predictable and as simple as it gets. We get usual brutal characters with no conscience and loyalty who are driven by bloodlust. Abercrombie pays a great attention to his ch A stand alone novel set in the same world as his First Law Trilogy, Mr Abercrombie gives us another masterpiece to read.

    Abercrombie pays a great attention to his characters and character development. I know it is a revenge story but its so much blood, slaughter and fights and at some places it was unbearable to read it for me. I liked the way Abercrombie tell us about Monza and other characters past through flashbacks. I enjoyed reading this with its characters and somewhat minor twists in the end.